Finding the best watch deal

So you’ve decided to buy a watch, and have more or less settled on the model you want to purchase, but first want to make sure that it’s right for you, and also get the best deal?  Read on for our watch buying guide!

Is it the right watch for me?

Ultimately only you can answer this question – but we can help make your decision easier by posing these simple questions:

  1. Is it within your budget?  Watches can vary in price, with some designer models costing a huge amount of money – it’s very easy to overspend and stretch yourself financially.  Can you afford to pay for the item outright, or will you be paying on instalments?  If you’re planning on the former, make sure you have enough funds left over for living expenses, as ultimately a watch is a luxury and should come secondary over necessities such as rent and food.  If the latter, again ensure that your monthly payment plan is affordable and won’t leave you struggling to make ends meet.
  2. Is it this watch any good?  If a particular watch model is prone to breaking, or the manufacturer offers bad after sales support, then maybe you should look at a different wristwatch.  The best way to ensure that you don’t get ripped off or left with an unreliable timepiece is to read some watch reviews.  This will give you an indication of any potential problems, as well as important information, such as the size and weight.
  3. Talking of the size and weight, no doubt your chosen watch will appear stunning in the studio photos featured on the watch shop’s website, but in real life it may look slightly less impressive.  By checking out the specification, you can save yourself from receiving either a comically small or large watch which looks out of proportion to your wrists.  Not all models suit all arms – a large watch face will look oversized on slender arms, and equally a smaller watch body will look dwarfed by larger arms – in both cases you’ll achieve a look that you weren’t necessarily aiming for!  The solution to this is the same as point two – do your research and read some reviews prior to buying – ultimately it can save you time, hassle and money.
  4.  What do actual customer’s think of this model – often online shops will provide customer feedback on their products, under the actual listing.  If you read a few of these watch reviews, then you should quickly be able to identify any common design issues or flaws that a certain model is prone to, as well as ensuring that the watch is a genuine model, and not a fake.
  5. Leading us nicely onto our final point – if you’re investing money in a designer watch, how can you ensure that it’s not a fake or replica model?  Modern replicas can be virtually identical to the real thing, making identifying them very tricky indeed.  However there are some steps you can take to ensure you don’t get taken advantage of.  Firstly, always buy from a recognised retailer – so you have peace of mind if there are any issues.  If buying from an eBay or Amazon seller, read their feedback and history to see if they are established and reliable within their industry.  If in any doubt, then search on Google for the name of the retailer and the word review to see other customer’s experiences of that particular outlet. Secondly, avoid any prices which are too good to be true.  Chances are, the prices are too good to be true for a reason, and will either be genuine models but very old stock, fakes, or even just a scam website designed to part you with your money.

So essentially, do your research and, read reviews from multiple sources, check the watch’s specification and actual customer testimonies, as well as completing research on the company you are buying from.  These simple steps will help to reduce the risk of you being taken advantage of, or ripped off.  Take your time, and don’t make any expensive impulse buys, and you’ll end up with the perfect watch for your wardrobe.



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